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Welcome to The Team Assault Basketball Club website!

We here at Team Assault want to welcome all parents and players!  Our basketball club is unique in that our focus and our mission is player development, not only on the court but off the court as well!  Our mission is to help prepare young men to be ready to play at the High School  and College level.

What makes our basketball club different?

  1. We do not have tryouts because we are dedicated to player development.
  2. We enforce practice participation.  We hold players accountable for coming to practice!  No practice, No play or minutes reduced.
  3. We enforce consequences for negative school grades and behavior.

Here at Team Assault basketball club hold all players accountable for their performance, production, effort and attitude.  We treat our players just like they are pros.  We make our players earn their minutes and nothing is given just because there is a cost to play.  This makes us unique.  So if this is what you are looking for or interested in please contact us at 202 656 3817 or our Facebook page.

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